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Working for Uncle Sam - Government Jobs for Law Grads - ABA for. One of the biggest keys for doing so is avoiding the pay-per-click quicksand. By this I mean that pay-per-click is a trap that many attorneys get themselves caught in. Many don’t realize they’re in it and the ones that do realize they’re in the trap simply see Google’s Adwords program as a cost of doing business. Oct 1, 2011. Government positions may not provide a paycheck equivalent to BLaw, but pay is only part of the compensation earned when working for the.

Appraiser Law Blog Did you know that you can go to Georgetown Law absolutely free of charge? If you get in and commit to working for the government or for nonprofits, making ,000 a year or less, for 10 years, you can get your JD absolutely free of charge. It's ed the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), and it's a very good deal for students. It's a very good deal for Georgetown, too — but not in the way the government intended. Appraiser Michael Brunson, SRA, MNAA, and I recently wrote an article for the Appraisal Institute's 4th Quarter 2015 edition of Valuation entitled “Getting Ready.

Get Your Law Blog Off Your Law Firm Website - Readers of this space may re my recent posts hhting court and legislative changes to employment laws, regulations and policies affecting manufacturers. “‘Manufacturing’ Law: Courts Also Move to Fill the Void,” “INTERESTING UPDATE: ‘Manufacturing’ Law: Courts Join the States to Fill the Void,” and “The DOL Seeks to Change the Tide.” While Congress may have taken August off for vacation, local governments have not. The breathtaking speed by which long-established practices are being challenged and changed has not slowed down. On July 19, San Francisco adopted the “Parity in Pay Ordinance” prohibiting covered employers from either asking about an applicant’s salary history or an applicant’s salary history when deciding whether to hire and what salary to offer. Effective January 1, 2018, San Francisco becomes another jurisdiction to adopt a salary history inquiry ban. Jul 22, 2014. Law blogs and law firm websites don't mix. It seems like most law firm websites have a blog tab leading to a few boring, useless posts that. actually-valuable stuff and they will be more likely to pay you for something.

Employer Law Blog Helping businesspeople navate employment. If you are a regular reader of our blogs, you may have noticed our frequent updates regarding the pay workers receive to conduct sleep-in shifts and whether it should be paid at the relevant National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage (referred to collectively as “NMW” in this post) rate as opposed to a flat rate for staying the night. Apr 18, 2017. Federal Contractors Are You Complying With New Paid Sick Leave. employee's wage or salary history after an offer of employment with.

MyCase Blog - Legal Practice Management News for the Modern. In China, severance pay policy is included in the Labor Contract Law. Severance pay is a kind of compensation pay for the employee when the employer terminates the employment contract; or when the employee terminates the employment contract due to the employer’s breach of the Labor Contract Law. The normal circumstances that could warrant a severance pay include layoffs, job elimination and mutual agreement to part ways, etc. The following blog post is an excerpt from the MyCase eBook “Using Social Media as Evidence Or. The Mobile Lawyer In 2017 Practice Law From Anywhere.

Family Law Blog post - Will I have to pay for college expenses for my. The number of clients who just don’t pay their legal bills never ceases to amaze me. You’d think that clients would think twice about stiffing a professional who is in the lawsuit business, but they do not. It used to happen to my firm more frequently, but over the years I’ve modified our billing practices to eliminate many sources of collection problems. Yet, despite our best efforts, problems still come up, as it did last month. Feb 28, 2017. Family Law Blog post – Will I have to pay for college expenses for my. Many would argue that to make divorced parents pay for college, when.

Blog - Michan Auto Law It’s hard to believe that Day 14 is the last full day of The Undeniable Tour. After my talk, I was approached by a student who wanted to start a nonprofit that would raise money to pay for her tuition and give scholarships to other minorities who want to go to college. She had an interesting story – she went through several application cycles when applying to law school, not because she wasn’t good enough to get in somewhere, but it was a challenge to find adequate funding. Posted on August 11th, 2017 by Steven Gursten 0 Comments. New law raises endorsement fees to pay for Motorcycle Safety and Education Awareness Fund;.

Blog/changing-careers-after-law-school - SoFi In 2012, the Supreme Court took a step toward rhting a terrible wrong by banning mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole for children. Last year, the court said that ban should apply retroactively: It told prosecutors to conduct resentencing hearings for the approximately 2,500 people who were serving life sentences for crimes they committed as adolescents. But if you walked into many courthouses today, you wouldn’t know that the Supreme Court had ed for resentencing these juvenile offenders, the majority of them black. That’s because prosecutors are choosing to pursue life-without-parole sentences for these cases again. Apr 24, 2016. Considering a career change after law school. Return to blog. a dismal post-recession job market and underwhelming salary expectations.

Why Should My Law Firm's Website Have a Blog? - The Modern Firm The new salary rule, which was to become effective on December 1, 2016 would have required employers to increase exempt employees’ minimum salary from ,660 to ,476. Kahn On November 22, a federal judge in Texas issued a preliminary order that temporarily blocks the U. Department of Labor (DOL) from implementing changes to the salary basis for white collar overtime exemptions. The preliminary court order blocking the rule appears to apply to all public and private employers nationwide. May 22, 2016. If you want search engines to pay attention to your site, the more quality content the better. We often recommend these types of posts, which can be. You're rht your law firm blog is unlikely to be a scintillating daily.

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